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ARTIST′s BOOK Limited Edition 250 copies
Paperback, in colors, DIN A6, 32 pages

Petrov Ahner | PARIS | 26th floor © January 2013

published at Edizioni Inaudite, Collana Gli Irrilevanti,

After 3 years of exile you decide to go back to Paris.
It is a typical, middle of January winter.
No snow; grey sky; rainy; cold but not freezing.
Arriving in Paris you realise you feel at home right away.
More than in Berlin, the city you live in now.
Now you are back in the city you lived in for most of your life.
You want to take photos; impressions, but you don’t know exactly what and how.
By chance you live in this apartment on the 26th Floor
with a view out to the suburbs of Paris.
You are in the kitchen drinking a coffee in the morning, looking out of the window.
Watching the raindrops, taking your camera and knowing what to do.
Because it is poetic, melancholic, mysterious and there is light.
Just as you feel and just as Paris is for you.
Just a “caprice”. No concept, just emotions.
A little peek out of the window.
And a little intimate book: unpretentious and private.
Declaring my love again to this city and the surprising view it sometimes offers you.